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Luster Stone Pink Czech Fire Polish 4mm Beads Q.50
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Luster Stone Pink Czech Fire Polish 4mm Beads Q.50

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STYLE: Czech Crystal Fire Polished Beads COLOR: LUSTER* - STONE PINK SIZE: 4mm QUANTITY: 50 beads Czech Firepolish Beads are a highly labor intensive bead that have been made for hundreds of years by Czech glass bead makers. They are formed by pressing hot glass into a mold and then roughly faceting it by hand or machine. The bead's surface is then slightly melted to a red hot oven or kiln to "fire polish" it. This slightly rounds off the edges giving it a better shine and luster *Luster - Durable, transparent, glossy color coating on glass beads that is heat treated like a glaze. These coatings are usually applied to a crystal or jet based bead; however there are limitless combinations that are becoming increasingly popular. On light beads a luster coating may add only a subtle hint of color, whereas dark beads may have the complete opposite effect.


Czech Fire Polish Crystal

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Luster Stone Pink

50 pack

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